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Advantages of Particle Cleanliness Analysis

The cleanliness particle analysis mainly detects the residual particles of the filter paper, which can reliably detect and evaluate the cleanliness of the workpiece. What are the advantages of cleanliness particle detection? The details are as follows:


1. High degree of automation, workflow-based design mode, easy to operate;

2. Perform high-precision scanning analysis on standard filter papers of different sizes, and combine Olympus's polarizing aperture technology to distinguish reflective and non-reflective particles, so as to provide direct reference data for the determination of metal and non-metal particles. image;

3. The fibers and non-fibers can be classified according to the setting of different aspect ratios, and the bonding particles can be confirmed under the actual field of view and divided by digital segmentation method to ensure the accuracy of the actual judgment;

4. The process analysis software is also more concise. The report can be exported in word form, which can be automatically saved in the database directory, and the pictures are also automatically saved in the database. The field of view of each picture can be automatically located, and metal, non-metal, and fiber particles can be automatically identified, reducing a lot of workload.

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