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The importance of component Technical Cleanliness Analysis

The importance of component Technical Cleanliness Analysis

The cleanliness of components and parts is very important to the production process. For all processes from pre-development, manufacturing, mass production and finished product quality control, it is important to meet the high standard requirements for counting, analyzing and classifying common micro-sized contaminants and foreign particles.

Since particulate contamination has a direct impact on the service life of components, the International Directive addresses both the methodology and documentation requirements for determining particulate contamination of critical machine components. Previously, the mass of residual particulate matter was used to characterize the residue.

Currently used standards such as ISO16232 and VDA19.1 put forward more detailed information requirements on pollution properties such as particle quantity, particle size distribution, and particle characteristics.


Equipment recommendation: JS100 Technical Cleanliness Inspection System

JS100 Technical Cleanliness Inspection System complies with cleanliness standards ISO4406, ISO4407, ISO16232, NAS1638, VDA19.1, GB/T 20082, etc. as well as customer-defined standards.

Cleanliness testing is carried out within the framework of industry standards such as VDA Vol.19.1 and ISO 16232.

It is mainly used in the fields of automobiles, aircraft, and medical equipment that require the use of parts with high cleanliness. The cleanliness detection and analysis is achieved by measuring and analyzing the contaminant particles remaining on the cleaned parts on the filter membrane.


Main application industries of JS100 Technical Cleanliness Inspection System

Such as: automobile engine, gearbox, brake pads, oil pipe and oil circuit, electronic control system and other assemblies and their components.


Main introduction of JS100 Technical Cleanliness Inspection System

JS100 Technical Cleanliness Inspection System is an efficient product for particle size testing in auto parts, aerospace, and hydraulic lubrication industries. It has the advantages of strong professionalism, standardization, and traceability of measurement results.

JETBLUE Technical Cleanliness Analysis conforms to ISO16232, VDA19.1, ISO4406 and other cleanliness testing standards. The system integrates imported optical microscope, imported motorized platform, automatic analysis software, high-definition image scanning CCD, with high automation, workflow design mode, easy operation, fast and efficient image acquisition, automatic compensation and focus to ensure that each frame of image is clear, seamless stitching and browsing , intelligently identify statistics, and generate results and reports according to selection criteria.

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