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Particle Analysis in Technical Cleanliness Inspection System

In industries like automotive, aerospace, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices have stringent requirements for cleanliness. The product quality can be quite sensitive to particle contamination. For example, in the automotive and electronics industries, components must be free of unwanted particulate contamination. It can lower the product performance and shorter lifetime. As a result, the technical cleanliness is working important in the manufacturing of products and their components in various industries.


Jetblue CleanTec Technical Cleanliness Inspection System consists of microscope, technical cleanliness analysis systems, microscopic filter analysis systems, automatic image scanning platforms, automatic image scanning control systems, and optical particle image analysis software. All our technical cleanliness analysis system fully meets ISO16232,VDA19.1,ISO4406,ISO4407,GB/T20082 and other standards.

Extraction Systems for Technical Cleanliness Inspection

Before performing technical cleanliness analysis, the workpiece needs to be cleaned and extracted to obtain contamination particles remaining on the workpiece surface. Jetblue Cleanliness Cabinets are equipped with automatic spray cleaning, manual high pressure flushing, and perfusion cleaning methods, which subvert the traditional manual cleaning method, standardize the cleanliness inspection control process according to ISO16232 and VDA19.1, and improve inspection efficiency. We can also provide customized services for cleanliness extraction equipment according to the size of the customer's workpiece, washing methods, and functional requirements, such as high-flow perfusion cleaning table, cleanliness cleaning shaking table, heavy-duty parts hoisting cleanliness cleaning equipment, etc.

Turnkey Laboratory for Technical Cleanliness

Whether it is a traditional fuel vehicle or a current new energy vehicle, the cleanliness of the surface of the parts has a very important impact on the reliability and durability of the parts at work. Common pollutants on the surface of parts are usually metal chips, metal dust, dust, fibers, oil, etc. These pollutants will cause accelerated wear and tear of auto parts, short-circuit spontaneous combustion, abnormal damage, blockage of oil and waterways, affect the service life of the entire car, and abnormal noise. Therefore, it is particularly important for each component manufacturer to comprehensively analyze and control the residual particle detection, classification, processing and cleaning process of the products processed and manufactured by themselves before delivery and assembly.

How to find a simple, fast and effective detection method to help enterprises improve product quality and reduce corresponding costs, as researchers of auto parts detection and analysis instruments, we are concerned about these issues every day.

With years of industry experience and cleanliness solutions accumulated by a large customer base, Jetblue CleanTec provides you with a fully equipped customized cleanliness testing laboratory, which clean room level meets the ISO 8 standard. From cleaning cabinets to optical particle analysis systems, from membranes, tweezers, petri dishes required for inspection to customized inspection reports, we are the world market leader in technical cleanliness analysis systems.

Jetblue CleanTec can provide professional suggestions for your production, cleaning and assembly processes, and also provide corresponding suggestions for your technical cleanliness staffing and the way to obtain VDAQMC certificates to ensure that they comply with VDA 19.1 and ISO16232 standards technical cleanliness requirements.