Baldick Group - Baldick (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd.

Baldick Group - Baldick (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd. purchases Technical Cleanliness Solutions

Bodick Group Company Introduction:

As a truly global heat treatment outsourcing service provider, Bowdick has the ability to create distinct advantages for customers. With a network of factories around the world, Bodick leverages knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the high-quality service you need whenever and wherever you need it.

Bowdick's heat treatment services include many core technologies, such as heat treatment, metal joining, hot isostatic pressing and surface technology.

With more than 190 operating institutions worldwide, customers can enjoy a full range of services from Bowdick from multiple institutions. Clients understand that when their business expands, Bowdick can meet their needs. All operating establishments offer the same craftsmanship at the same quality level.

This extensive network ensures that customers take advantage of economies of scale and have local technical support anywhere in the world. Bowdick's customers benefit from group-wide expertise, improving the efficiency and technology required for high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions right at their doorstep.


When the company purchased the cleanliness analysis system, the relevant persons in charge of the purchasing department and the quality department compared the stability, accuracy, market share and service advantages of several brand cleanliness analysis solutions several times, and the customer finally decided to buy The JS100 Technical Cleanliness Inspection System independently developed and produced by our company,JC767 Component Cleanliness Cabinet and related auxiliary equipment electronic balances, drying ovens, filter membranes, etc. Now the delivery has been completed and passed the acceptance.


Thanks to Baodiq Group - Baodiq (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd. for its strong support to JETBLUE Technology, and purchasing our company's cleanliness solutions including Technical Cleanliness Analysis System, Cleanliness Cabinet and related auxiliary equipment.