AP760 (Germany Fender Pfinder)

Item No.: AP760
Economical and versatile
Improve and reduce failure rates
Low odor, no fragrance
Meet the requirements of Volkswagen, Audi and other car brand manufacturers
Description Review

AP760 (Germany Fender Pfinder) - cleanliness cleaning machine consumables - cleaning agent


Product Description

AP760 (Pfinder, Germany) Cleaner A liquid cleaner for moderate cleaning that provides excellent cleaning operations on finished parts, especially in the automotive industry. Can be used for standard immersion, spray and ultrasonic cleaning procedures. It can also be used to clean the typical non-ferrous metal parts of the automobile manufacturing industry. It can be described as a special cleaning agent for automobile cleanliness testing.



1. Clean residual coolant (emulsion, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic)

2.Clean oil stains in low-viscosity processes (drilling, reaming, tapping)

3.It is used for cleaning automotive power parts, removing grease and dirt on the surface of the workpiece, and removing the protective wax on the surface.


Conditions of use

1. Spray: 3-5 % at 50-60 psi for 30-180 seconds

2. Soaking: 3-8 % 120-600 seconds


Economy and versatility

Longer bath life and lower use concentrations make AP760 cleaner an economical cleaning product, which also means lower production costs and additions. The product also has a certain ability to prevent rust between processes. When the working temperature is below 60 ℃, there is little foaming.

Strong detergency, high decontamination performance helps users to improve and reduce the rejection rate due to residues.


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