D60 Cleaning Agent

Item No.: D60
Extremely low odor, narrow distillation range, low viscosity, compatible with most product surfaces, and will not be classified as hazardous in transit. Alternative to high flash point kerosene.
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D60 Cleaning Agent


Product Description

D60 is a dearomatized hydrocarbon solvent oil, which belongs to the paint solvent oil. It can be used as industrial cleaning fluid, metal working fluid, solvent or thinner for decorative coatings, solvent for consumer products, PVC viscosity reducer, PVC wallpaper, and PVC stabilizer.


Product Features

1. Good washing effect, strong decontamination ability, thorough volatilization and no residue

2. Easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, with high safety

3. Stable chemical properties, not easy to react with objects to be cleaned, long service life

4.Recyclable, high recovery rate, less loss and high economy

5. It is a reliable substitute for ODS



Technical parameters

Distillation range

184 - 209 ℃

Flash point

68 ℃

Density (15℃)

 0.788 g/cm3

Viscosity (25℃)

1.73 mm2/s


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